Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FLASHBACK 7: Back to the Orphanage and the English Class Nov 21

We weren't able to visit the kids at the orphanage for 3 weeks until November 21st. They had the flu and we had to also use another room for having the class. Susan and Bendy and Peter were there for the short English class. I usually teach the first part of the lesson, we go through a English curriculum that uses many Bible stories. Then we have a snack time then Jesse goes over the MELT (My English Lunch Time) discussion and worksheet. Not many kids played outside that day because it was pretty cold. So some of us played in the assembly room upstairs and pretended to be dinosaurs and stuff... :)


  1. wow, did you really spend over 3 hours for all those posts?
    Thanks so much for showing how the ministry is still blessed in the winter with new places and sick people.
    Praise God the people still desire to hear the word of God, may the joy of Jesus be shown!
    Thanks again Iza.

  2. hahaha oh, I guess so, but I took time in between doing other things. I have so many other flashbacks to do though, Dean! Like 20!

    Thanks for the encouragement! and yes! keep praising the Lord!